Lacy Willow is a fine jewelry brand featuring elegant, vibrant and modern designs using natural and ethically- sourced diamonds, pearls and gemstones.  

Each keepsake we produce is a celebration and testament of Filipino craftsmanship while welcoming our global community for precious, semi-precious stones, gold, and other raw materials.



Kim Tugade is a jewelry designer who graduated from the New York Jewelry Design Institute in New York City, and the Gemological Institute of America.  Her love affair with jewelry started when she was a young girl listening to her grandmother and mom’s stories about Elizabeth Taylor’s collections and going through their own pieces.  She would sit beside them amazed at the colors and sparkly things that adorned them.



Jewelry for her is the culmination of all things she has love affairs with: literature, history, fine arts, culture, design and gemology. Creating them stems from a confluence of experiences which started as a collector.  Designing them comes from her yearning to be creative and yet precise; reminiscent and yet grounded at the present moment.



We offer unique ready-made jewelry pieces which are personally designed by Kim Tugade, as well as bespoke services which cater to clients looking to collect jewelry based on their own special preferences.  All items we produce are hand-made and are made by Filipino artisans.  Handmade jewelry pieces boast character and quality which are lacking from typical machine-made items that are prevalent in the Philippine market.  Jewelry making in the Philippines is a form of art and tradition which, unfortunately, is diminishing.  Lacy Willow is a torchbearer of preserving this method of jewelry production – from hand painted designs to handmade pieces.  Consequentially our brand provides livelihood to our local artisans whose skills and talents are preserved and passed on to the next generation. 



We are headquartered in the bustling Quezon City, and our retail outlets are via our official website, social media platforms, and our shared store space in Flair Concept Store in Power Plant Mall (R2 Level, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center, Makati City).